If you want to become happier, there are some things that you need to stop doing and give up. To become happier, you must simplify your life and get back to basics. Overcomplicating your life is one of the greatest barriers to daily happiness. You must make a commitment to keep your life simple and easy to remember.


Gratitude is a powerful practice that will boost your energy levels and improve your attitude toward life. Gratitude is also beneficial for your physical health. When you feel grateful, your body will produce less inflammation, which is a major cause of disease and illness. Gratitude is also a powerful tool to overcome feelings of jealousy.

Practice gratitude by focusing on small pleasures. While it may seem difficult to focus on the good things in your life, small moments of joy can have huge benefits on your mood. It doesn’t take much time to practice gratitude, but it does require commitment. It’s also helpful to spend time with your loved ones.

Research has shown that people who express gratitude are happier than people who feel less grateful. In a study, researchers asked subjects to write about positive events in their lives and gratitude for them. Compared to the control group, the gratitude group reported higher levels of happiness after the experiment. And the benefits lasted for about a month. Though studies aren’t able to prove cause and effect, most support the association between gratitude and happiness.

Acknowledging birthdays and anniversaries is another way to show gratitude. Acknowledging these events with a card, phone call, or e-mail is a great way to make someone feel special. Life is full of unpleasant situations and problems, but acknowledging these special days is a small way to make someone feel special and appreciated.

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Daily compliments

One of the ways to feel happier is to give yourself daily compliments. Receiving compliments can make you feel good, boost your self-esteem, and encourage you to achieve your goals. Moreover, giving yourself compliments helps you build better relationships with others. In addition, giving compliments to other people can also help you improve your self-esteem.

Giving daily compliments will not only make you feel better, but they will also improve the mood of other people around you. For instance, if you are working late or have too many responsibilities, you can make someone’s day by complimenting them. Moreover, giving compliments to strangers can help you spread happiness and laughter, both of which are great ways to get a good mood.

One study found that receiving compliments regularly made people feel happier. They felt better about themselves and less stressed. This effect was observed in both men and women. The study showed that receiving compliments made people feel happier than expected. Moreover, people felt less self-conscious after receiving compliments. Therefore, it is important to give compliments to other people.

In addition to giving compliments, doing random acts of kindness can also increase one’s happiness levels. Studies show that doing small acts of kindness such as picking up litter, feeding a parking meter, and buying someone a coffee are helpful in improving one’s mental health.

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