Save Money At The Airport With These Thrifty Budget Ideas

There are several ways to save money at the airport. You can buy your flight on a Tuesday or multiple flights at a time, avoid paying for public transportation or taxis, and get free WiFi in an airport lounge. There are even coupons to save money on food.

Buying flights on a Tuesday

If you have a flexible travel schedule, buying flights on a Tuesday can save you money. Airfares on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays are lower than on other days. Airlines often change their prices throughout the day to compete with each other and win over more customers. This means that buying flights on a Tuesday night may not get you the best deal.

Buying flights on a Tuesday can save you up to 1.9% on airfare. However, it is best to check airline websites and travel websites regularly to see if there are any sales. Some airlines may offer a flight discount at a specific time of the year, which will make the flight even cheaper.

Another way to save money on airfare is to sign up for cheap flight alerts. These alerts provide notifications as prices change. You can sign up for them on sites like Fare Deal Alert and The Flight Deal. These alerts cover cities all across North America. When you subscribe, you are almost guaranteed to get an airfare deal. You can also sign up for alerts via Twitter. Keeping an eye on these sites will ensure that you never miss an airfare deal.

The best time to buy a plane ticket is when prices are the lowest. In general, flights are cheaper on Tuesday mornings and in the early afternoons. This time of day depends on where you are going and when you want to leave. If you want to save more money, you can also switch trips or fly during the afternoon instead.

Buying multiple flights at once

There are some benefits to buying multiple tickets at once. For example, you will be able to get a 20% discount on domestic flights and up to a 12% discount on international flights. Additionally, you will be able to save money by traveling during off-peak times. For instance, airfare in September and October is 37% cheaper than the peak summer season.

Before making a decision, compare flights from different airlines. For instance, purchasing five one-way tickets is cheaper than buying five Multi-City Flights with long layovers, which can cost $2,212. On the other hand, purchasing five one-way tickets will cost you only $1,252 total, so you can save a large amount of money.

Using the split-ticket strategy, you can save as much as $60 on the total cost of the ticket. Moreover, this approach allows you to pick your preferred travel time and airline. In addition, you can avoid having to meet the airline’s schedule restrictions. This saves you time and money in the airport, which is always a bonus!

Avoiding taxis and public transportation

While using public transportation and taxis at the airport, be aware of your surroundings. Unmarked cabs may not be legitimate, and you may end up paying three or four times the normal price. You can also get robbed by unlicensed drivers. Always check the name and contact information of the driver before stepping into a vehicle. Also, avoid following a driver to an unknown parking lot. Remember that only taxis are allowed to operate in regulated areas and in marked taxi stands.

If you choose to use taxis, be sure they are metered. You can check the metered rate on the taxi’s sticker, but be aware that the fare may be more than the meter indicates. In addition, make sure to negotiate the price before getting into a taxi. Be aware that some taxis may charge extra for late-night rides and may even charge you by the mile.


When choosing a taxi, remember that the price depends on the distance between you and the airport. If you have to pay per kilometer, the best way to avoid scams is to ask for a taxi meter before getting into the vehicle. Usually, the rate for a single ride is not very high, but if you are traveling in large groups, check for day passes or multi-ride tickets.

While it may be tempting to jump in a taxi cab to get to your destination, airport taxis often have long waiting times. Some taxis may take up to three hours. Another problem is that taxi drivers often lack commercial insurance.

Getting free WiFi at an airport lounge

Most airports offer free Wi-Fi connectivity for travelers. Many airports partner with local businesses to provide the service. These businesses pay for the service by making you watch ads and adding your email address. Getting free Wi-Fi in airports is a great way to make your time at the airport more comfortable.

If you are traveling on business, you can take advantage of free WiFi at airport lounges. While you won’t get unlimited internet access in the airport, it will at least give you a place to work and stay connected. Airport lounges may not be available in all airports. However, JetBlue’s T5 Terminal offers free WiFi. You can also use your cell phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The WiFi in airport lounges is free and separate from the outside internet connection. The lounges are also much quieter than the rest of the airport terminal. You can conduct business calls without worrying about a bad connection. There are also work stations and outlets where you can do your work. While the WiFi in airports is not always reliable, it’s still better than being stuck in the middle of a noisy airport.

You can also get access to airport lounges if you are a member of an airline’s elite program. Most airline companies include lounge access with premium tickets. For example, Delta offers lounge access to Delta One passengers. However, you must travel on the same day as your Delta flight to be eligible for lounge access. To learn more about whether you qualify for airport lounge access, check the email that came along with your ticket or visit the airline’s website.

Avoiding overpaying for luggage

When traveling, avoid overpaying for luggage at the airport. The fees for overweight or oversize bags can be incredibly high. Fortunately, there are some tricks to avoid paying too much. First, make sure to wear extra clothing. Pack at least three pairs of trousers and take advantage of your airline’s allowance.

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