Where to Find Attractive Guys

When it comes to dating, women often wonder where to find attractive guys. Well, the answer depends on where you go. You can meet men at parties, bookstores, rock climbing centers, or even go traveling. Men also prefer women who are self-sufficient and independent. They also appreciate women who are strong and capable of handling their own fears and insecurities.

Rock climbing center

Rock climbing centers are a great place to meet attractive guys. This sport has a strong sense of community, which encourages honest interaction, advice-giving, and swapping details. Generally, most people at a climbing center are there to meet other climbers, and their goal is not necessarily to find a romantic partner. However, it is important not to confuse friendship with interest. The culture of the sport also encourages swapping contact information, which can make asking for a number easier.

Moreover, the sexiest climbers are the ones who sport the most attractive hands. Their arms and forearms are well-developed, and they don’t complain about getting tired. This is because they are used to the burn that comes with a good workout and can work through any tiredness.


One of the best places to find attractive guys is at a bookstore. Not only can you get lost in the world of books, but you can also meet men who have similar interests. In fact, men tend to be attracted to women who like to read. But you need to be careful not to come across too pushy, because you don’t want to turn off the guys in the bookstore by coming on too strong.


If you’re at a party and you’re trying to attract attractive guys, there are a few strategies you can try. First of all, you should always appear sociable and fun. Girls notice guys who approach them and make them feel comfortable. You can also start conversations with random strangers and girls. By doing this, you’ll come off as a likable person and make girls like you more.

Another way to approach guys is to become the life of the party. If you’re the life of the party, make sure that you stand out and make conversation with alpha males. Women will lose their attraction to a guy who intimidates them or treats them disrespectfully.

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Traveling to new places is a great way to meet an intelligent guy who loves to meet new people. Men who enjoy traveling are often street smart. They’ve likely eaten exotic foods and slept in questionable places. They’re also genuinely curious about the world around them and don’t need much convincing.

Traveling men are also the most romantic type. This is because they’re always in search of new experiences and aren’t easily bored. This makes them incredibly easy to fall in love with. They also have the skills to keep you captivated and happy. If you can find a guy who loves traveling, he’ll be a good match for you.

Confident men are attractive

Confident men are not afraid to learn new things. They are aware that they are not infallible, so they try new things and stay abreast of global events. A recent example is Sam, who mentioned that he recently went to an origami workshop. They also don’t tend to get cocky and are kind to others.

Confident men have ambition. They are smart and know what they want. They may even have a bucket list. They are also alluring and presentable. Confident men tend to exude power and authority. They give off an impression that makes them desirable to women.

Clear skin

Clear skin is attractive, especially to men. Acne never looks sexy, but clear and soft skin is. You can make your skin healthier and smoother with regular facials. Regular manicures and pedicures can also increase your overall appeal to men. As nails are one of the few body parts that don’t appear on porn searches, men will notice them if you have them done regularly.

Chubby cheeks

Chubby cheeks can be very attractive, especially when they’re high and prominent. These features make your face look fuller than it actually is. Some people are even embarrassed to smile because they’re self-conscious about their puffy cheeks. Luckily, there are ways to remedy this problem.

First of all, make sure you have healthy-looking skin. Chubby cheeks make men look jolly and fun, but they can also hide a bad temper. Guys with a squat face have more cheekbone distance than those with chubby cheeks, and they tend to be more aggressive. A good example of a man with chubby cheeks and a hot temper is Wayne Rooney.

Chunky eyes

If you’re a woman with big, childish eyes, you’re in luck – guys tend to gravitate towards women with those features. Men also prefer women who can make their eyes appear more appealing with makeup and eye contact. Here are some tips to make your eyes look more appealing to guys.

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