Why Game of Thrones 8 is Bad?

Unlike the previous season, the eighth season of Game of Thrones has a few flaws. It is still an entertaining series, but there are some things that have slowed it down. For one thing, the ending isn’t very satisfying. This season also features an overarching plot that is predictable and feels unfinished. But if you haven’t seen the series before, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Daenerys’ arc in Meereen

Daenerys’ arc in Meersen in GoT 8 is bad for several reasons. First of all, the show doesn’t properly portray Daenerys as an empathic and powerful woman. Her past was filled with cruelty and abuse from her brother, future husband, and child, all while she was building up her power. This demonstrates how self-centred she is, and it also makes her seem like she has no empathy for others.

The series also has a tendency to demonize characters. For example, the first season introduced a character named ‘The Mad King’ – Dany’s father. The ‘Mad King’ exhibited both insanity and sadistic intentions. He even burned people he thought might be against his rule.

Secondly, the show’s creators painted Daenerys as a villain from the start. For seven seasons, we were told that she was a hero, yet the show made her a villain. This is not only insensitive and dangerous, but it also makes her appear less sympathetic to viewers.

Lastly, Daenerys doesn’t treat her dragons well. She didn’t train them properly in the fifth novel. As a result, they are incredibly savage. They prey on goats and sheep, and one of them even kills a little girl. After this, Daenerys realizes that her dragons are a risk to her kingdom. She then locks them in a makeshift dragon pit, where she can lock them up with 500 men.

Another thing that makes the Meereen episode a bad one is the fact that Daenerys is fighting Drogon and the Night King. Neither of them are particularly strong, but they are capable of fighting each other. While they are on the battlefield, Daenerys is distracted by the safety of her son, Jon.

The final episodes of Game of Thrones have been terrible for Daenerys. The character was painted in vivid colors until the very last episodes, and then changed beyond recognition. Her downfall in the last three episodes was sudden and jarring. Many fans felt betrayed by the way she was portrayed.

Rhaegal’s death in “The Long Night”

The death of Rhaegal in “The Long Night” in Game of Thrones 8 could have many interpretations. While his death may seem sudden, it could also be interpreted as a significant factor in what happens next. In the episode, Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet ambushed Daenerys’ ship and attacked it with scorpion crossbows, which are giant dragon-slaying weapons. The weapons struck Rhaegal several times, causing him to crash into the sea and disappear into the waves.

Rhaegal’s death in “Game of Thrones” 8 is a major mystery. We don’t know for sure, but fans will likely want answers. This post contains major spoilers. For the most up-to-date information on Rhaegal’s fate in “The Long Night,” visit Heavy’s story of what happened.

Jon Snow is chasing the Night King while Rhaegal is fighting Viserion. Jon Snow is nearly killed during the battle and Rhaegal is badly injured. Dany, meanwhile, tries to kill the Night King with dragonfire, but it’s not enough, because the Night King throws a spear at her. Jon tries to charge the Night King before the corpses rise and block him. He’s surrounded by wights, with just a short distance to go.

“The Long Night” is the third episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones. It’s also the seventieth episode of the series overall. It premiered on April 28 on HBO and was written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. It was directed by Miguel Sapochnik.

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“The Long Night” is the final battle between the Army of the Dead and the combined forces of the living. This episode also marks the end of the primary storyline. The episode’s title sequence includes a reference to the winter thousands of years earlier, when the White Walkers first ravaged Westeros.

Rhaegal’s death in “Lean Night” in GoT 8 is a dramatic and memorable moment. The episode begins with the Dothraki cavalry advancing into the undead horde, and the infantry and allied forces retreat toward Winterfell. Meanwhile, the army of the Dead advances relentlessly, and the defenders struggle to stop them.

Daenerys’ transition from a just ruler to the Mad Queen

While the Targaryens are notorious for their temper, it is no surprise that Daenerys has one as well. She was a powerful king of Westeros until she was murdered by her brother Jaime Lannister, but she was reined in by Tyrion Lannister, a master of Whisperers, in “The Last of the Starks.” While she was able to avoid storming the capital, she is still enraged by the deaths of close family members.

The dramatic character transition of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones season eight has ignited debates and backlash among viewers. Her role in the show was set up as the savior of Westeros, and she had promised to do something better than her predecessors. That promise has remained unfulfilled.

The transition of Daenerys from a just ruler to the Mad Queen is complex, but it can be explained in many ways. In one interpretation, she was simply acting out of ruthlessness, while another interpretation attributes her decision to a mix of madness and ruthlessness. In any case, the character has been seen justifying killing innocent people under the broken wheel of her own ‘just’ rule.

As the series progresses, Daenerys is becoming more like her father in every episode. However, this does not mean that the Mad Khaleesi theory will come true. It may be that she will become the Mad Queen one day, but for now, we’ll have to see what she does until she achieves her goal.

In Season One, Daenerys had shown early empathy. She took the life of a slave named Mirri Maz Duur to protect her. Later, she had to slay the traitor, who betrayed her. In Season Six, she also became the Mad Queen, so her descent from a just ruler to the Mad Queen is a natural progression in the series.

Dany’s father never thought of himself as mad. He would punish people who betrayed her and refused to bend her will. But the death penalty is not abolished in Westeros, and big criminals get executed. This makes Dany’s character more cruel and inhumane. Her method of execution is burning, and she is more likely to execute people with it.

George R.R. Martin’s involvement with Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans are not pleased with George R.R. Martin’s involvement in the eighth season of the show. Martin has claimed that the showrunners kept him in the dark about what was happening in the later seasons. However, the showrunners have denied this and have defended the showrunners’ decision.

After the success of the first five seasons of Game of Thrones, the author’s involvement with the series dwindled dramatically. Seasons six and seven shifted away from the fantasy novels, and Martin’s involvement remained minimal. The writers also made decisions based on their own ideas, and there are a few reasons for this.

One of the major problems with Martin’s involvement is the fact that the show has already spoiled some of his books. For example, Jon Snow’s parentage was revealed in season six. This was a huge disappointment for Game of Thrones fans, who have waited for this moment for over 30 years. Many fans blame Martin for not finishing the series. In truth, the show would have been much better off crafting a different ending.

The creators of Game of Thrones are taking a different route, with the new prequel series House of the Dragon coming to HBO later this month. Martin’s 2018 novel Fire & Blood is also the basis for the new prequel. HBO hasn’t responded to a request for comment on this.

The eighth season of “Game of Thrones” was a disappointing disappointment for fans. The show has been a phenomenon since its inception, but its eighth season dropped the ball and has tarnished the series’ reputation. The author has publicly admitted that he was left out of the process of completing the series.

The book’s original ending would have involved Jon, Arya, and Tyrion in a love triangle. The novelization of this plot hasn’t been released yet, and it’s highly unlikely that it will appear in the final seasons.

Game of Thrones is a great television series, but its creators have lost control of their literary mythology. While Martin has expressed regret over the books not being finished, he has remained involved in the show for more than five years. As a result, the show’s creators have had to rely on sporadic elements that are not covered in the books.

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